Dressed in a 14th century court dress, Minstrel Joette plays music of the Renaissance on her Quintero guitar. When she uses her loop station, she is a one-woman band, playing guitar, recorder, kalimba, drum, and/or tambourine.

Scarborough Fair Video

Canarios by Gaspar Sanz

Packington's Pound & Nonesuch, Anonymous

Villanesque by Guillame Morlaye

Cantiga de Santa Maria-
This is just one of over 400 songs of Mary commissioned by King Alfonso X in 13th c. Spain.


Joette and Jane Appel
perform together as the folk duo, "Morning Glory".


River by Bill Staines

Florida Folk Fest by Joette






Joette's Music

Joette playing her guitar  Blackbird Guitar

 Joette Giorgis


Click on the links below to hear Joette's music.

Shenandoah (American Folk Song)

Picnics (Joette)

Florida Beach (Joette)

Come Saturday Morning (F. Carlin)

Snowflight (Andrew York)

Sakura (Japanese Folk Song)

Somewhere Over the Rainbow (H. Arlen)