Cordoba 55FCE Thin Body Classical Guitar

Cordoba 55FCE
A thin body classical/crossover guitar

Joette has been playing guitar since the age of 15. She started out playing folk guitar and was introduced to classical guitar in college. Joette has both a master's degree and a bachelor's degree in elementary education, with a concentration in music. 

Joette has continued to study guitar after college with private lessons, master classes at summer workshops, and Suzuki teacher training.  In Pennsylvania, she served as a board member for both the Greater Philadelphia Suzuki Association and the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society.

Joette was president of the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society in 2009 and in 2010 became the founding  President of the Treasure Coast Classical Guitar Society.

Joette has been teaching Suzuki classical guitar since 1997. She moved her music studio to Port St. Lucie, Florida in December 2009 and enjoys living in sunny Florida with all its parks and beaches.

Jan and Joette




 Quintero Guitar

A unique guitar built by Alejandro Quintero. This is a little larger  than a baritone ukulele and has 5 pairs of strings tuned a fourth higher than a regular guitar.During the Renaissance, the guitar may well have been used throughout Europe as it frequently is today.

The renaissance guitar was a four-coursed instrument (although five-coursed guitars existed) the first was single or double and the other three doubles. Having only four courses, its unique sound and style are a result of using so few of them.

Although no historical four-course instruments have survived, it is clear that their dimensions were fairly small, not only because the pictorial sources, but also in the music written for it, some of which requires great stretches of the left hand fingers, extremely difficult to achieve on a larger instrument.









Joette's Instruments

Blackbird Guitar

Blackbird Rider Nylon-
A carbon fiber guitar.


Alto Recorder

As Joette plays guitar she uses a loop station
so that her guitar can accompany her recorder.



Tenor Banjo

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